Sparta Dog Stylists in Plano, TX


Bring your dogs to Sparta Pet Palazzo to be professionally groomed by our experienced dog stylists.

Dog Grooming in Plano, Pet Grooming in Plano, TX.

Dog Grooming in Plano

Before & After Full Grooming

Full Grooming on Large Poodle

Golden Doodle Before & After


Full Grooming

Full Grooming

Requesting Pet Grooming Services

***Important*** Before requesting grooming services, CLICK HERE to read our pet grooming Terms and Conditions. 

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At Sparta Pet Palazzo, we ask that our current and existing customers set up an appointment on our online Pet Grooming Software which is different then our boarding and daycare software.

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Grooming Services/Rates

*All prices are subject to change based on Coat and Breed **Sales Tax not included in prices