• What are the operating hours of Sparta Pet Palazzo?
    We are open to the public from :
    Monday - Friday 7am to 7pm
    Saturday 9am - 5pm
    Sunday 9am -12pm (boarding pick up and drop off only)
    Our Hotel operates 7 days a week, and beyond the above hours for the care of your furry family.
    ***IMPORTANT*** Sparta Pet Palazzo will be closed on New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day. Pets cannot be dropped off or picked up during these major holidays. 
    50% non refundable deposit will be charged to hold rooms for pet boarding during these major holidays. 
  • What is the size of Sparta Pet Palazzo?
    Our facility is a total of 35,000 sq. ft. The 10,000 sq. ft. of indoor space includes 3 large playrooms, spacious suites for cat boarding, and multiple boarding accommodations for dogs   with comforting music playing throughout the facility. We have 25,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space that provides endless amounts of activity and exercise. 
  • How do I Check-In and schedule services?
    For boarding and day care please go visit and click on “new client register”. Create an account with your information, complete pet profile(s), and then simply request your services from the comfort of your home. You are also welcome to call (972) 850-7806 and request services. Please bring updated vaccinations records upon check-in. We require that your pet is current on Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies vaccinations. If you don’t have a copy of vaccination records please provide your vet information. You must also sign our policies and procedures prior to check-in. 
  • What time is check-in and check-out for hotel stays?
    Check-in is anytime between 7am and 4pm.  For dogs, checkout time is before 1pm Monday-Saturday and Sunday from 9am-12pm. If you pick up after 1pm an afternoon check out fee of $26.00 for per dog applies.
    We offer an after-hours drop-off and pick-up service for an additional fee by appointment only.
    *Please remember to always keep your dogs on a leash and cats contained during drop-off and pick-up times.
  • What vaccinations does my dog need?
    *Rabies - This vaccination must be renewed every 1 to 3 years, at least 24 hours prior to check-in at Sparta Pet Palazzo.
    * DHLPP - This vaccination must be renewed every year. Please wait at least 24 hours prior to check-in at Sparta Pet Palazzo.
    *Bordetella (Kennel Cough) -   The first Bordetella vaccination should be administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding at our facility.  After that, the Bordetella vaccination must be given to your dog every 6 months.
  • If the vaccination is renewed at the same time a vaccination expires, it is required that a 24 hour period is complete prior to arrival. 
    **Please keep in mind that the aforesaid vaccinations can have bad reactions and side effects. The 24 hour wait period is required for this reason, we strive to provide the safest and most enjoyable environment for your pet.
    Vaccination records are required before your pets can attend daycare or utilize boarding services. You or your veterinarian can email their records  to, or bring it with you on the first day of service. 
  • What vaccinations does my cat need?
    The cats have very huge, comfortable suites, and classical music playing for relaxation. They won’t be interacting with other cats (unless boarding with other cats from the same home)
  • For this reason we only require:
    Rabies - required once every three years
    FCRVP - required once every year
  • Same family cats are allowed to board in the same suite as long as they are not crowded. We recommend 2 cats per suite, but depending of the size, 3 cats can be approved on a case by case basis. 
  • Will Sparta Pet Palazzo give my pet medications?
    Yes, we will administer medications to your pets at no additional cost to you. We can give any form of non-injectable medication as specified. Please make sure all medication is clearly labeled and dosage instructions are included.
    ** If your pet is taking a medication please make sure to add this information in the pet profile.
  • I have more than one dog, can my dogs stay together in the same boarding suite?
    We certainly accommodate same household dogs in staying in the same suite. We offer many different sizes and boarding options that easily meet the needs of families with multiple dogs. There is a discount for the second dog. *See rates for pricing*
    However, based on our experience some dogs who were recently rescued, are not used to staying with the household’s first dog, or the opposite. When this happens a fight can occur inside the room. Because the safety of your pet is our priority, we will place one of the dogs in another available room. The rate however, won’t be discounted. We will also call and let you know about the behavior of the dogs in the room. This policy serves for cats as well.
  • Can I take a tour of the facility?
    Absolutely!! We encourage everyone to take a tour of our 35,000 sqf facility.  Tours from Monday to Friday are given from 11am to 4pm.  On Saturdays, the tours are given from 12pm-2pm. 
  • What happens if my dog gets sick or injured?
    Sparta Pet Palazzo will make every attempt to contact you or your emergency contact in case of your pet(s) become injured or ill. If we are not able to contact you or an emergency contact, we will contact your current veterinarian clinic. If they don’t respond or will have the availability to see your pet on the same day we contact them, we reserve the right to take your pet to the veterinarian clinic of our choice. Please bear in mind that will also reserve the right to take your pet to the veterinarian of our choice. (Typically, your vet is very far away or your dog need immediate attention)
    *All veterinary costs incurred are the responsibility of the owner and a nominal veterinary transport fee will apply. We do offer a pet warranty that you can purchase to help offset cost of veterinary care. 
  • Am I required to have my dog spayed or neutered?
    Yes, if your dog is 7 months or older, to be eligible to play in a group setting, they must be fixed (Spayed/Neutered).  However, we do provide individual playtime or one on one time with our staff and your dog at NO EXTRA FEE.
  • Do you have accommodations for senior pets?
    Absolutely. All pets are welcome to Sparta Pet Palazzo. We just ask that you are very honest with our staff about the needs and care your pet requires. If your pet takes medication, please remember to bring all medications clearly labeled, please also include directions to administer the medication. Please bring enough food for the entire stay, medications and age can have an effect on stomach sensitivity. We will provide our food, Taste of the Wild ($3 per feeding) if your pet runs out of food. If your dog stops eating dry food, we will open a can of our wet food (chicken and rice recipe) and mix it with the dry. (The cost is $3.00 per can). Please provide as much information as possible about your normal feeding routines, medication instructions, and your pet’s personality. 
  • At what age can I board my pet?
    We require that your pet is at least 4 months of age due to the first series of vaccinations.
  • What is included with the boarding cost at Sparta Pet Palazzo?
    All pets have their own spacious, individual rooms. They do not share rooming accommodations with other dogs/cats, unless the owner requests that their dog share a room with another household dog/cat. All dogs boarding with us enjoy playing all day in our daycare service without any extra cost (except for the day of pickup, a daycare fee will apply if you pick up your pet after 1pm). Our wonderful staff will prepare the meals whether they are hot or cold, lots of love, and our favorite, belly hugs!
  • What should I bring?
    We provide almost everything your pet could need, but you are welcome to bring the pet’s leash (required), food, bedding, optional article of clothing or item that smells like owner, toys, treats, and anything that makes your pet feel at home! We provide a platform style bed for each dog, we will top the bed with a cozy blanket if you do not provide an alternative.
  • What should I not bring?
    Please do not bring food bowls. Unfortunately, we will have to send it back home with you if they are in your pet’s belongings. Animal control strictly enforces and requires that we only use non-tip bowls for food and water throughout the facility. The only way we can follow these guidelines effectively is to ask that you do not bring feeding bowls unless there is a medical concern that requires that your specific bowls are used.