Sparta Pooper Scoopers - Pet Waste Removal Services

Sparta Pet Palazzo introduces Sparta Pooper Scoopers to dog owners in Plano, TX & surrounding areas. Our low cost pet waste removal services provides incredible convenience to dog owners who have a very busy lifestyle. Sparta Pooper Scoopers will come to your home, remove all pet waste from your yard and take it away from your property. Leaving your back yard clean for your family and your dogs to enjoy, play and have fun in the back yard. 

Why Choose Sparta Pooper Scoopers for your Pet Waste Removal

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


We will make sure to remove all pet waste from your yard. If you are not satisfied, we will make sure to come again to  clean your yard at no extra cost.

We Take The Pet Waste With Us


We don't put your pets waste in a bag and leave it on your lawn or in your dumpster. We take it away from your property and dispose the pet waste at our assigned pet waste dumpsters.

We are Local & Family Owned


Sparta Pet Palazzo is family owned & well known in North Dallas. Providing pet care services to many pet owners in North Dallas. Providing quality and professional pet care services.

Maintaining A Clean Yard


You, your family and your dogs will enjoy a clean yard from pet waste. Not having to worry if you or your children have stepped on pet waste and bring it in to your home

We Love Pets & What We Do


Our team at Sparta Pet Palazzo are die hard pet lovers. We treat your pets like if they are our own. We will make sure to do our job with integrity and make sure you are happy with our services

Low prices on Pooper Scooper Services


We provide pet waste removal services at low prices that all dog owners can afford on a weekly, bi-weekly basis. 

Pet Waste Removal Services & Rates in Plano, TX

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