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Pet Boarding in Plano

Penthouse Suite


$100/Night for 1st dog. (Additional Dogs $32 each shared suite) 

  • Room Size 20x20    
  • Giving your doggies the LIVING ROOM experience  
  • Large comfortable leather sofa  
  • ​Webcam & TV with doggie friendly channels  
  • Very Spacious and clean
  • Great for a family of dogs
  • ​​Daycare is FREE for dogs who can play/socialize

The Junior Penthouse


$90/Night for 1st dog. (Additional Dogs $32 each shared suite)

  • Room Size 16x13   
  • Comfortable private bed 
  • ​Webcam & TV with doggie friendly channels  
  • Very Spacious and clean
  • Great for a family of dogs
  • ​​Daycare is FREE for dogs who can play/socialize

The Loft Suite


$85/Night for 1st Dog. (Additional Dogs $32 each shared suite)

  • Room Size 10x7
  • Webcam to view your fur babies
  • Spacious and clean
  • Cozy leather couch to relax
  • Day Care is FREE for dogs who can play/socialize

Deluxe Suite


 $70/Night for 1st Dog. (Additional Dogs $32 each shared suite)

  • Room Size 7x7
  • Web cams to view your fur babies
  • Spacious & Clean
  • Petchatz is complimentary. Video Chat with your dogs.
  • Daycare is FREE for dogs who can play/socialize

Studio Suite


$80/Night for 1st Dog. (Additional Dogs $32 each shared suite)

  • Room Size 10x10  
  • Spacious and clean. 
  • Pampered doggie house & bed, feeding and water bowls
  • Day Care is FREE for dogs who can play/socialize

Standard Rooms


Room Size Varies from 4x3, 6x4, 5x5, 8x7

  • Small - $38.00 (One dog only)
  • Medium - $45.00/Night for 1st Dog
  • Large - $50/Night for 1st Dog
  • Extra Large - $55/Night 1st Dog
  • Standard Room are by weight class
  • Additional Dogs are $32 each shared suite
  • Daycare is FREE for dogs who can play/socialize

Small Dog Family Room


$60/Night for 1st dog. (Additional dogs are $32 each shared suite)

  • Room Size 8x8
  • Room is inside small boarding area
  • Great for family of small dogs
  • Spacious and clean 
  • Daycare is FREE for dogs who can play/socialize

(Rates are subject to change at any time and without notice)

(Updated price effective 12/30/2019)

Schedule Boarding Services Online

Preparing Your Dogs for Boarding



  • Before boarding your pets, make sure all vaccinations required are up to date. Sparta Pet Palazzo requires all pets to be up to date on Rabies, Distemper and Bortedella. 

Request & Confirm Reservation


  • Setting up your online reservation is simple.
  • Visit log into your account and request services or click below. Make sure your pets profile information is accurate and complete. 

Pre-bag Your Pets Food


  • Please measure the serving size and add the amount of food into Ziploc bags and label them with your pets name. Please set up their food by serving amount in Ziploc bags for morning and evening. A $10 fee applies if we have to bag your food.  If you choose our facility to feed your pets with our own food there is a $4.00 fee per meal. 

Label Your Pets Belongings


  • Your belongs include your pets food, toys, beds, blankets and treats. Although the facility provides these items, its your choice to bring them for the comfort of your pets. Toys that can be swallow by your dogs are not allow.  Please make sure that your pet has a name tag. If your pet does not have one, we can provide one for you for $5.00. Please DO NOT bring feeding bowls as our facility will provide it.



  • If your pets take medication, please make sure that all instructions information on giving your pets medication is on your pets online profile. You can add this information by logging into your account and add medication instructions in your pets profile. There is a  daily fee of $3.00 to medicate your pet(s).

Drop off & Pick up Times


  • You are welcome to bring your dogs during our opening hours of 6:30am-7pm during the weekdays. On Saturdays from 9am-5pm and Sundays from 9am-12pm. However, we recommend the drop off to be in the morning in order for the dogs to be acquaintant with the environment and our staff.
  • You can pick up your dogs anytime during our opening business hours. There is a day care fee if the pick up is after 1pm. 

Dog Boarding Services

Sparta Pet Palazzo has a total indoor/outdoor space of more than 35,000 SQFT. This includes an indoor pet hotel space of more than 10,000 SQFT with music covering the entire inside area for all pets to relax. Our Pet Hotel is a great service for pet owners that don't want to leave their pets home alone. Dogs stay in spacious rooms that allows them to enjoy their stay with no stress. Dogs also enjoy staying at Sparta Pet Palazzo because they get to socialize, exercise, play and have fun while mommy and daddy are away on vacation. Our pet hotel or pet boarding services are provided 7 days per week and you can pick up or drop off your pets at anytime within Sparta Pet Palazzo's hours of operation.  

  • Sparta Pet Palazzo is CLOSED on the following major holidays and no pets can be picked up or dropped off for boarding or daycare services during these major holidays:
    New Years, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day

  • HOLIDAY RESERVATIONS: Minimum of 3 nights of boarding reservations are required for boarding during all MAJOR HOLIDAYS. A $100 non refundable deposit is required at the time you make your reservation in order to hold your spot for all major holidays. If your are reserving the Penthouse, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required.  If there is no deposit during reservation, we reserve the rights to release your room to another guest who paid to reserve the spot. Please be advised that there are NO refunds for any cancellation you make during all major holidays.