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Plano dog Boarding, Dog Daycare near me, pet Grooming, cat boarding near me

Plano dog Boarding, Dog Daycare near me, pet Grooming, cat boarding near me

Plano dog Boarding, Dog Daycare near me, pet Grooming, cat boarding near mePlano dog Boarding, Dog Daycare near me, pet Grooming, cat boarding near me

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Cat Boarding Rates

Preparing your cat for Boarding



  • Before boarding your pets, make sure all vaccinations required are up to date. Sparta Pet Palazzo requires all cats to be up to date on Rabies and FVRCP.

Request & Confirm Reservation


  • Setting up your online reservation is simple.
  • Visit www.spartapetpalazzo.com log into your account and request services or click below. Make sure your cats profile information is accurate and complete. 

Food & Belongings


  • Although pre-bagging your cats food is not required, the size of the food bag must be reasonable. If you choose our facility to feed your cats with our own food there is a $4.00 fee per meal. Your belongs include your pets food, toys, beds, blankets and treats. Although the facility provides these items, its your choice to bring them for the comfort of your pets. Toys that can be swallow by your cats are not allow. 



  • If your pets take medication, please make sure that all instructions information on giving your pets medication is on your pets online profile. You can add this information by logging into your account and add medication instructions in your pets profile. There is of $3.00  per day to administer medication. We DO NOT administer injections. 

Cat carrier


  • For the safety of your cats, please do not bring your loose cat in your arms. When entering or exiting our facility, please place your cat inside of a carrier where he/she can be safe from other pets that may be in our reception area at the time of your boarding or exiting the premises. 

Drop Off & Pick Up Times


  • You are welcome to bring your cats during our opening hours of 6:30am-7pm during the weekdays. On Saturdays from 9am-5pm and Sundays from 9am-12pm. 
  • You can pick up your cats anytime during our opening business hours. There is a $10 care fee if the pick up is after 1pm during week days and Saturdays. 

Cat Boarding Services


  • Sparta Pet Palazzo strongly advocates for the well being of your feline friend. Give this fact, we have developed a cage free boarding for them. Our suites are design for the feline guests to be comfortable, spacious, and stress free. The size of our suites are 3w x 4L x 7.5H and has tempered glass doors. The suites can house up to 3 cats from the same family. However, for a more comfortable environment, we recommend 2 same family cats in the same suite.
  • The feline guest suites includes spacious room with measurements of 3 feet wide, 4 feet long and 7.5 feet in height, beds, litter boxes, toys and carpet perches for them to move freely around their suites, and spotless “dishes” for fresh water and food.
  • Room service is available at all times and every room is clean and litter boxes scooped on a daily basis.
  • Every fur guest is welcome to bring their own food. However, if you forget or run out while your cat is boarded, we will offer "Taste of the Wild," a natural, grain-free feline food, both wet and dry at the fur guest Paladar preference. *There is a fee of $4.00 per feeding, with our house food.​
  • Relaxing music 24/7


  • To be boarded, all feline guests must be at least 4 months old, be spayed and neutered and have the following vaccinations:
  •  RABIES – Required once every 3 years
  •  FVRCP – Required once every year

    Vaccination information can be emailed to info@spartapetpalazzo.com.
    * Please DO NOT GET your cat VACCINATED 24-48 hours prior to Boarding due to the reactions the vaccines many have on them which can be totally misdiagnosed if they get sick.

    *There will be no interaction between unfamiliar cats.

    *We encourage our customers to bring their own litter for the cat litter box. This is because we have seen that cats prefer using the same litter that is used at home. However, we do provide cat litter at no cost.

    *All fur guests must also be free for fleas, ear mites, ringworm, any other parasites or diseases.
    If any parasites and or flee and tick are discovered, fees will apply for specialized treatment. We can give any form of non-injectable medications as specified with no extra fees. Please make sure all medication is clearly labeled and dosage instructions are included.


  • You can drop off and pick up your cat(s) any time during business hours. We are open from Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 7pm, Saturday from 9am through 5pm and  Sundays, the drop off and pick up times are from 9am to 12pm. A fee will apply if you can only make it during different times. 


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